Love Omega Phi Alpha and everything we do and stand for? Well I do! When I started this blog I was an active sister of O Phi A and one of my favorite things to do was talk to other chapters and to see what they are up to. Not only was it a great way to get new ideas for my own chapter but it was a fun way to remind me why I joined O Phi A and how amazing we all are. That is why I created this Blog. To be a fun way to keep up to date with the O Phi A world and as a place to showcase the amazing things we do.

Did your chapter just have an awesome service project or have an exciting sisterhood event? Have a photo to share? Designed a shirt you are proud of? Something in particular you want to see? Have and idea or a question? Please let me know! Love O Phi A
  • Nu Chapter celebrated 25 years this past semester ♥  

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